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Passing Through

TINT is pleased to present Passing Through, a group exhibition featuring the work of sixteen emerging artists and collaborators, creating works of art which are interactive, responsive, user aware and audience led.

The progression of Interactive art is not a recent phenomenon, originally explored in the 1960’s; it’s visibility in the art world has often been shrouded, seen as a fad created by artists whose principal concern is in producing works of technical trickery, rather than artworks that pursue an intellectual and referential meaning. However, in society and indeed culture we are forever forging stronger relationships with technology. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), GPS, iPhones and the Internet are all examples of the daily influences of digital media. This interaction has and is continuing to shape the way we live, how we perceive our environment, the way we communicate with each other, and importantly how we view our relationship with art.

‘Passing Through’ explores the movement of the spectator turned interactor on a personal journey, engaging in direct conversation with the artworks in order to realise and complete the work that would not exist without his/her actions.

“By putting the user into the controls interactive technology could be claimed to have a strong liberating potential, as well, making it an effective means to analyze and deconstruct preexisting ideological formations.” Erkki Huhtamo

Works such as Lottolab Studios Music to our eyes uses the audience’s presence to produce orchestral compositions from colour, contrast and brightness. Other artists create responsive installations from light, sound and kinetics, exploring notions of culture, media and memory. Artists include – Bulbcollective (Owen Bowden, Edward Holland & Suzi Tibbetts), captincaptin, Matthew Curtis, Stuart Dunbar, Jamie Elliott, Peter Forde, Jon Garlick, Richard Kendrick, Lottolab Studios (Ilias Bergstrom, Beau Lotto & Sam Walker), Parag Mital, Agelos Papadakis & Dave Murray-Rust, Artemis Papageorgiou, Tobias Revell, David Strang, Jamie Thompson.

Private View: Thursday 14th May 6:30 – 9:30
Open: 12 – 6, Tuesday – Sunday
Curated by captincaptin artists Gareth Goodison and Jonathan Munro
James Taylor Gallery, Collent Street (off Wells Street), Hackney, London, E9 6SQ

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