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Kinetica Presents TINT at i-Design 09

i-Design 09 is a unique one-day conference at the London Design Festival

TINT is pleased to present four artworks by six artists alongside Kinetica museum and CybersonicaStuart Dunbar  will be showing Bad Faith, David Strang & Vincent Van Uffelen will be displaying their new installation, Transmission+Interference. Tanja Vujinovic will be presenting three videos as part of her ongoing project Extagram 2. captincaptin will be showing their one-person audio installation, Circling Sound.

Circling Sound. captincaptin Bad Faith. Stuart Dunbar Extagram2. Tanja Vujinovic David Strang transmission interference

University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street, London W1B 2UW
Thursday, 24th September 2009, 9am-7.30pm
Conference: Standard £135, Design Week Subscriber £99, Students £75
Online Booking:
Exhibition, Talks and Portfolio Clinic (must register): FREE

i-Design 09 is an essential one day conference and showcase for anyone with an interest or passion for interactive design and the digital arts. The programme aims to inspire, entertain and explore how our digital future looks set to unfold and the central role interactive design will take in our cultural, work and social life.

Cybersonica’s contribution to i-Design 09 includes:

  • Virtually Real – an exhibition of digital interactive artworks and installations, technology showcases and demonstrations in the Old Gymnasium that present our unique – and often sonic – viewpoint on the i-Design 09 theme;
  • afternoon Artist Talks in Deep End;
  • Two 5D Interludes by MOTH & Teenage Engineering (tbc) within the i-Design Conference programme;
  • as part of the i-Design 09 early evening Film Screenings in the Old Cinema – a re-enactment by MOTH & VC Kristi of Plinth – their recent site-specific audiovisual performance responding to the De la Warr Pavilion (the UK’s first public building designed in the Modernist style).

and features the following contributing artists, works and collaborators:

  • Two interactive works by SquidsoupGhosts – text-based communication in the digital age – and a commission for PortablePixelPlayground Glowing Pathfinder Bugs – which enables you to engage with a hybrid centipede/caterpillar in a recreation of its natural habitat – the sandy desert of Faroffistan.
  • Soda’s Generative Art System – a custom and highly reconfigurable native windows application that takes feeds of still and video images and text and montages them together in real time, never repeating.
  • Fiddian Warman’s Neurotic pogoing robot – a 2-metre tall punk loving robotic version of his younger self (tbc).
  • The Sancho Plan’s Spacequatica installation – play drumpads to explore an audiovisual aquarium populated by a varied cast of musical sea creatures.
  • VisionLabzGold – your movements effect a screen of dynamic, glistening, golden fluid.
  • Kinetica Museum featured artist:
    • Balint Bolygo’s Epicycloidoscope – a visual theremin producing complex lightwaves by a moving laser beam
  • TINT featured artists:
    • Tanja Vujinovic’s Extagram 2 – part of a series of tactile-sonic objects that recode events into audio-visual noisy data streams
    • David Strang & Vincent Van Uffelen’s Transmission+Interference – uses laser light to transmit audio signals through hacked laser pointers that are received by photocells and amplified through speakers.
    • Stuart Dunbar’s Bad Faith – what at first glance appears to be a solid sculpture shifts it’s position in relation to the speed and distance of the viewer via motion sensors and servos.
    • captincaptin’s Circling Sounds – a single user, 10 speaker immersive sound installation using found and engineered audio recordings.
  • Jason Bruges Studio’s Study In White – a new piece by the studio continues its exploration of the relationships between qualities of light and depth of surface.
  • SHOWStudio – an online fashion and art project that documents the creative process of the interactive and motion image projects it broadcasts via its online studio presents some of its latest work.
  • Musion Academy – the company behind the Madonna and Gorillaz holographic performances present the Musion Academy – a forum for visual artists, creatives, academics and digital artists to come together and explore new technology and holographic projection.
  • MOTH – bridge the divide between club visuals and street art, generating site-specific HD 720p video graffiti designed in response to the morphology, texture and ambience of the spaces and structures of the outside world.
  • Lichtfaktor – the Cologne based “light-writing” team use light to give expression to their creativity taking advantage of a variety of light sources to produce photos and videos in cities by night.
  • OWL Project – the collaborative group of Manchester based artists who share interests in human interaction with technology and process led art – exhibit, demonstrate and contruct their distinctive range of wooden musical and sculptural instruments.
  • Monome – design adaptable, minimalist interfaces in the catskills and seek less complex, more versatile tools: accessible, yet fundamentally adaptable – presented by Boston based Matthew Davidson aka Stretta – musician, software interface designer and monome virtuoso who fuses the worlds of harmonic theory and intelligent software.
  • Teenage Engineering – the Stockholm based studio for future commercial products and communication with a mission to create products with superior quality, functional design and top-class engineering and final assembly for all products in Sweden present some of their recent projects. (tbc)

with the following schedule:

Artist Talks
Deep End

A series of informal presentations, talks and demonstrations by contributing artists and agencies – including Simon Blackmore and Steve Symons of the Owl Project, Jens Heinen of VisionLabz and LichtFaktor, Oliver Gingrich of the Musion Academy, Ed Firth and Shaun O’Conner of MOTH and Matthew Davidson aka Stretta on his personal approach to using the monome.

5D Interludes
Old Cinema
11:15-11:20am – MOTH
12:45-12:50pm – Teenage Engineering (tbc)
Conference ticket required

Short, sharp and shocking artistic and creative interjections into the i-Design Conference programme.

Film Screenings
Old Cinema
Conference ticket required

A live re-enactment by MOTH & VC Kristi of Plinth – their recent site-specific audio/visual performance responding to the De la Warr Pavilion as part of the Film Screening by Onedotzero of their recent Adventures in Motion festival’s Wow + Flutter programme and film highlights from Future of Sound artists.

Virtually Real

Old Gymnasium



An exhibition of digital interactive artworks and installations, technology showcases and demonstrations that present our unique – and often sonic – viewpoint on the i-Design 09 theme.

For artist biogs, descriptions of works and more detail visit the Programme page.

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