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TINT Arts Lab Opens its Doors with its First Season!

We are delighted to announce our new TINT Arts Lab! Signifying the next stage for TINT in realising our core aims. Fostering a strong, sustainable and questioning media arts community!

The TINT Arts Lab is a platform that offers invited artists a space to present a new project in the form of a self contained blog. Its motivation is to nurture an open and public discussion of the projects concept, context, development, presentation and documentation between the artists, a core team of commentators, which include; Michael Demers, Susan Elizabeth Ryan, Greg J. Smiths and Pau Waelder and also the interested media arts community (that’s you!). Please don’t shy away to express your own thoughts. Critical but fair feedback to the artist’s projects and the arts lab in general is highly appreciated. The arts lab is in its first season and we see it in a beta phase.

Born out of curiosity it shall remain an open platform in constant change. A probe that will help to learn more about media arts and its motivations, modes of production, documentation, and reception in an age of crowd-sourced networked complexity.

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