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Furtherfield on Resonance FM – Feb 9th 2011

Marc interviews Elisa RoseGary Danner from Station Rose about their recent publication STATION ROSE: 20 Digital Years Plus. They will also discuss Station Rose’s history in the field of audiovisual art, electronic music, net art and audiovisual live performance. “Station Rose had every right to claim ‘cyberspace is our land. “They were there very early, they raised their antennas and put down deep roots, and they never left.” – Bruce Sterling, 2010.

The Digital Art of Station Rose started in Vienna in 1988, at a time when the Web still was far beyond mainstream, when Mondo 2000 never had heard about the music genre “Techno”, when future net-art-critics still mostly were university students, and when the Iron Curtain was surrounding Austria´s east, south east and north border.

Furtherfield is pleased to present the UK Book launch of STATION ROSE: 20 Digital Years Plus, published by Verlag für Moderne Kunst Nürnberg. DR. Richard Barbrook will give a short introduction to the evening.

Date: Thursday 10 February 2011, 7-9pm
Venue: The Furtherfield Space in London.

Irini PapdimitriouJonathon Munro interview Madi Boyd, whose work explores perception of movement and form in space. She is fascinated by the brain, eye and imagination and interested in fusing sculpture, moving image and other technologies. She is collaborating with neuroscientists at  UCL to produce experimental arenas in which to explore the limits of human perception.

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