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Furtherfield on Resonance FM – Feb 22nd 2011

Ruth Interviews Eleonora Oreggia aka XNAME and Irini & Jonathan will be interviewing Christian Kerrigan.
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This critically acclaimed broadcast is every Wednesday evening at 7-8pm, a series of hour long live interviews with people working at the edge of contemporary practices in art, technology & social change; discussing events and controversies, exhibitions, artworks and their social contexts.

Eleonora Oreggia aka XNAME, discusses ‘Virtual Entity’, a research project and a work of net-art trying to redefine the concepts of authenticity, ownership, uniqueness and seriality within the digital domain. The practical aspect of this speculation is a simple application developed to create (and edit) the soul of a file. This is a metaphor: the soul, a text-based soul, is the place where it is written who or what a certain entity is; it is a mark for the preservation of identity.
XNAME is also included in the exhibition with others at the ‘REFF – Remix the world! Reinvent Reality!’ by Art is Open Source and FakePress at Furtherfield’s Gallery space 25 February – 26 March 2011.

Christian Kerrigan uses digital technology to make objects, installations, and drawings which draw out an array of ideas about nature, technology and mortality. The 200 Year Continuum is the title given to his collection which he has been developing since graduating with a Masters from The Bartlett School of Architecture in 2007. At this time, Christian was awarded the Fitzroy Robinson Drawing Prize at University College London. Previously graduating from Edinburgh College of Art, he also received a Diploma in Architectural Technology at Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland.

Last year, Christian was awarded Artist in Residence 2010 at the V&A, supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. He has exhibited his work most recently at Examples to Follow! exhibition on aesthetics and sustainability in Berlin, and Curiouser and Curiouser at the Old Vic Tunnels, London. Christian is involved in an upcoming display entitled ‘Instinct & Inspiration: Objects, Visitors & Artists-in-Residence at the V&A’ in Gallery 220 of the V&A’s Sackler Centre.

The 200 Year Continuum:

Also showcasing music and noise, providing a rolling lineup of experimental creative adventures for your amusement.

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