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CALL to participate at Unleashed

We would like to invite artists, researchers, geeks, and such like to take part in a weekend of collaborative co-exploration of long known or newly to be discovered aspects of media art. Unleashed will take over Apiary Studios in East London and create the opportunity to host or participate on a artistic research projects. In the spirit of D.I.Y, free, and local community we want to help to kick start new or refine existing projects, meet other interested parties, and engage in valuable exchange of knowledge, critique, and experiences.

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Open Letter to ACE on the Development of Digital Culture in the UK

To members of the international digital arts and culture community:

Please consider adding your support and signing this open letter to the Arts Council England regarding their future policies of funding the digital arts and culture. The letter begins:

“This letter, jointly drafted by a constituency of organisations, artists and practitioners who have been engaged in digital arts development in England, concerns digital culture and its importance to the wider UK arts ecology and economy. We the undersigned believe that clear national policies need to be developed to ensure that the UK can remain at the forefront of digital culture, globally, and that these must take account of the key role creative practices play in driving digital innovation.

Whilst we appreciate that digital technologies have created exciting opportunities to engage with audiences, and to disseminate and distribute arts programmes in new ways, it is critical that funders and policy-makers understand that this is not the extent of digital culture. If we are to make the most of the digital opportunity, it needs to be recognised at a national policy level that digital culture is about more than extending the reach of existing arts practices. It is about entirely new forms of production, expression, practice and critical reflection that digital technologies have made possible.”

To read the whole letter and sign please go to:

Matar al Gato Virtual Performance

Matar al Gato 2: Ekpyrotica is a series of multimedia performances dealing with the idea of Ekpyrosis or continuous repetition of the universe. The performance include the live/real time performance of sound art, video art and dramatic action. This series is presented by Panz4 Troupe, multimedia art group composed by Sol Rezza (Argentinean sound artist) & Daniel Ivan (Mexican
multimedia artist).

For full info about the series (concept, working frame, etc) please see and watch the performance’s trailer at Matar al Gato 2.0/2.1: Ekpyrotica, will be held on Wednesday April 27th 2011 at 19:00 & 22:00 hrs ( GMT -6)