media arts


TINT is an UK based interdisciplinary media arts organisation. Dedicated to art which is derived from, and reflects upon the intersections of technology and culture. As an artist run organisation our core intentions are concerned with the support of artistic collaboration, acting as a point of juncture for artists working within the fields of science and technology. We assist in pursuing and establishing collaborations with scientists, theorists, artists and other practitioners. Our program of exhibitions and events support an experimentation of media and interactive arts, encouraging audiences to participate, explore and create!

If you would like to work with us getting an idea off  the ground, whether that is finding someone to collaborate on a media project or getting an exhibition together  please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Gareth Goodsion – Founder – Director
After Graduating in Fine art in 2005 Gareth Goodison has worked on many new media exhibitions and events, as both an artist and curator. Predominately working as artist duo captincaptin, with an interest in the use of video and media tools to enable an artwork to respond to issues which effect the audience and viewers.

Jonathan Munro – Founder – Director
Jonathan Munro is an artist, curator and educator. He has been working collaboratively as captincaptin since 2007, making interactive installations and sculptures which respond to audiences members, through a variety of sensory interactions such as moving, touching, speaking and breathing. He uses both projected imagery and physical objects. He Graduated in 2005 from University of Leeds with a BA in Fine Art. Currently pursuing an MFA in Computational Studio Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Vincent Van Uffelen – Director

Vincent is an artist and digital craftsman who exhibited his work in UK and abroad. He studied computer science, media studies, and cultural studies and gained thereby a sound theoretical foundation that supports now his critical research of the murky entanglement of media, computation, and matter. At present he creates devices to act in the physical domain, probes that reveal, things that meddle with communication processes, as well as objects that provoke thoughts.

Chris Joseph – Editor

Chris Joseph is a writer and artist who works primarily with electronic text, sound and image. His past projects include ‘NRG’, a bicycle-powered interactive multimedia narrative; ‘The Breathing Wall’, a ground-breaking digital novel that responds to the reader’s rate of breathing; and the multi-award winning interactive multimedia fiction ‘Inanimate Alice’. He is editor of the post-Dada magazine and artist network