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Kinetica Art Fair 2010

P3, University of Westminster, 35 Marylebone Road, London – 4th – 7th February 2010

Kinetica Art Fair is the only Art Fair in the UK dedicated to kinetica, electronic and new media art, focusing on universal concepts and evolutionary processes. By pushing boundaries across many different disciplines, the fair represents a new and experimental form of art. The fair aims to popularise artists and organisations working in these realms to a wider audience and to provide a unique environment for the commercial enterprise of this thriving art form. For the 2010 Fair there where a growing international presence with exhibitor representation from: Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain, UK, Ukraine and USA.

For the Kinetica Art Fair 2010 TINT was pleased to present two collobrative art projects involving four artists living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland. Parag K Mital, Agelos Papadakis, Dave Murray-Rust and Owen Green.

1. Memory – Parag K Mital & Agelos Papadakis


Memory consists of a structural network of glass neurons, linked together by chains in an amorphous neuron cloud. Through mapping and facial recognition, hidden cameras in the neurons track and record the faces of audience members.  These images are compiled as movies and projected into the sculpture as a neural network of disparate memories.  As new faces are learnt, old memories fade, and the sculpture reorganises its entangled network of neurons.

2. ChaoDependent – Dave Murray-Rust, Agelos Papadakis, Owen Green

IMG_7469   IMG_7469

ChaoDependant investigates the use of technology to explore invisibly structured spaces, in particular the attraction and repulsion of magnetic fields. Participants are invited to swing the pendulum, and arrange the pods on the floor. As the pendulum swings, the magnetic fields around it push it in different directions, leading to a gently chaotic motion. The pods sense the magnetic fields from the pendulum, and emit sounds which were recorded in the glass workshop during the creation of the pieces.

Since the Art Fair Agelos Papadakis and Dave Murray-Rust’s work ChaoDependent has been selected to be shown as part of a Kinetica Museum one day event held in Milan on 9th March 2010.

Parag K Mital is a cross-disciplinary researcher at the University of Edinburgh investigating visual cognition and computer vision with an emphasis on art installation and media.

Agelos Papadakis is an interdisciplinary artist, his work is an investigation of human nature with an emphasis on the study of the individual and social parameters that shape us psychologically.

Dave Murray-Rust is a researcher in Geosciences at the Unviersity of Edinburgh.  His work includes artificial intelligence, environmental modelling, and sonic arts with a focus on installations and improvisation.

TINT’s participation in this event was organised and curated by artists Gareth Goodison & Jonathan Munro

Photo Credits: Parag Mital & Gareth Goodison
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A selection of artwork from the Kinetica Art Fair 2010