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Old Spitalfields Market

Old Spitalfields Market, Bishopsgate, London – 29th September 2009

TINT showcased several artists work when Kinetica returned to the Old Spitalfields Market with several artists taking over market stalls to display their work through presentations and performances. Marking the end of the London Design Festival, Kinetica presents the work of groundbreaking Cybersonica artists including a fusion of woodwork and electronics from the Owl Project, audiovisuals from Daniel Jones, and a demonstration of the Monome interface by Matthew Davidson. Tint featured artists Vincent Van Uffelen, captincaptin, Stuart Dunbar, Tanja Vujinovic and Tobias Revell.

1. City of Glass – Tobias Revell


City Of Glass is a reflection of Paul Auster’s novel of the same name. It is based on the common themes of the book; identity, language, reflection, the city and the systems that bind them all. By taking a live webcam image and dividing it into coloured cells, that are each imprinted with a word, the piece confuses and divides the viewer. It is obvious to the viewer that they are the subject of the piece but the image is so fragmented and the text so indecipherable that their identity within the system is confused.

2. Tumbling Laser – Vincent Van Uffelen


Vincent Van Uffelen explores the possibilities of laser transferred sounds distorted by human intervention. Through the use of hacked laser pointers and photocells receivers audio is transmitted and amplified, the self contained installation contains varies electrical components which the user can manipulate to disrupt the audio effects. Tumbling laser draws shapes of laser light that while visually consistent generate a mellow rhythmic noise of adjustable frequency.

3. Surround Sound Helmet – captincaptin


captincaptin present the first drafts of a new sonic arts project which explores the concept of portable surround sound. A progression from i-Design’s Circling Sound installation the Surround Sound Helmets envelopes the viewer in recorded sound scapes mapped over five speaker channels. This piece was shown at Liverpool’s Interface Amnesty as part of the Cybersonica Roadtrip which also included Old Spitalfields and i-Design 09.

4. Extagram 2 – Tanja Vujinovic


Part of the ongoing cycle of works Discrete Events in Noisy Domains, Tanja Vujinovic’s Extagram 2 was exhibited for TINT at i-Design 09. For Old Spitalfields Market a series of videos were presented, included Extagram-ST807 as seem at Ars Electronica 2009.

5. Bad Faith – Stuart Dunbar


As a continuation from the i-Design 09 exhibition. Stuart Dunbar’s well received Bad Faith sculpture was also presented at the market.

TINT’s participation in this event was organised and curated by artists Gareth Goodison & Jonathan Munro and mark the end of the week long series of events for the London Design Week and the Cybersonica Roadtrip.

Photo Credits: Gareth Goodison
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