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Passing Through

James Taylor Gallery, Hackney, London – 14th – 24th May 2009

The progression of Interactive art is not a recent phenomenon, originally explored in the 1960’s; it’s visibility in the art world has often been shrouded, seen as a fad created by artists whose principal concern is in producing works of technical trickery, rather than artworks that pursue an intellectual and referential meaning. However, in society and indeed culture we are forever forging stronger relationships with technology. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), GPS, iPhones and the Internet are all examples of the daily influences of digital media. This interaction has and is continuing to shape the way we live, how we perceive our environment, the way we communicate with each other, and importantly how we view our relationship with art. Passing Through explores the movement of the spectator turned interactor on a personal journey, engaging in direct conversation with the artworks in order to realise and complete the work that would not exist without his/her actions.

1. Outside Line – Bulbcollective

IMG_5293   IMG_5293

BulbCollective is a small group of artists who came together to share their different working methods, ideas and skills to realise work that reflects a concept they hold common. Present work deals with auditory escapism though telephony, the most ubiquitous piece of worldwide human networking technology. Bulbcollective includes artist’s Owen Bowden, Edward Holland & Suzi Tibbetts.

2. Untitled Sound – captincaptin


Comprising of artists Gareth Goodison and Jonathan Munro captincaptin create installations of user dependant art. For Passing Through captincaptin presents an immersive sound installation created during the curation of the exhibition. Audio recordings taken from various locations throughout the exhibition build are used to surround the viewer in sound, highlighting the unseen aspects that have brought the exhibition to life.

3. Breaking News 24 – Matthew Curtis


Matthew Curtis explores the nature of modern media and technology through the deconstruction of its systems of production and delivery. Through interactive multimedia installations Curtis invites the viewer to scruitinise the components of modern media that we as consumers experience everyday, yet take for granted.

4. Bad Faith – Stuart Dunbar


Kinetic artist Stuart Dunbar creates work, which comes alive through audience observation. Activated by motion sensors, the delicate wire forms of Bad Faith directly depict the relationship between the viewer and object.

5. T.A.T – Jamie Elliott


Jamie Elliott’s works takes inspiration from the study of humankind’s relationship with nature in the technological age, exploring nature’s presence around and within modern manmade environments. Exploring the manipulation of systems found within nature in an attempt to aid human development.

6. POST,Post,post – Peter Forde


Peter Forde stages performance based experiences with direct audience engagement. Achieved through sporting activities, games, visual performing microwaves or advertising. Forde mixes modern technology with elements of art performance to convey his message. In Passing Through, Alvin Lucier’s audio piece I Am Sitting in a Room is transformed into a piece of live visual interactive performance, morphing audience recordings into a visual resonance of abstraction.

7. Strategies Against Architecture – Jon Garlick


In Passing Through, Jon Garlick’s patrician wall is neither a markation of territory nor barrier of passage. The wall exists for viewers to apprehend and negotiate at will. The work is formulated from the consideration of space interaction and presentation arising from deconstructionist philosophies.

8. Presenting Lesson 8 – Adam Goodison

Adam Goodison, is a writer who has collaborated with captincaptin on previous projects, in Passing Through Goodison presents the audience with a collection of audio lessons discussing the use of language to describe the human senses. Audio from Morris Schreiber ‘The Anatomy of Language’

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