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Passing Through Continued…

9. ‘breakAllfall! Break1’ – Richard Kendrick


Richard Kendrick’s practice employs the use of humble and often obsolete materials to adapt or recreate elementary situations of everyday life. His latest work ‘breakAllfall! Break 1’ explores and combines appropriations of structural form, that are combined with invented space and sound.

10. Music to our eyes – Lottolab Studios


LottoLab is a research laboratory at the University Collage London, comprising of PhD and Masters students from the UCL Bartlett School of architecture. For Passing Through Lottolab showcases an installation of volumetric musical scores conducted by the properties of colours within the space. Contributors include Sam Walker, Ilias Bergstrom and Beau Lotto.

11. Memory – Parag Mital & Agelos Papadakis


Parag K. Mital is a cross-disciplinary researcher, interested in how computer vision and human perception are intrinsically related. Questioning what stimulates our attention, how a computer can learn this and how we react through reason, emotion, and liminal processes? Agelos Papadakis work is an investigation of human nature with an emphasis on the study of the individual and social parameters that shape us psychologically. Creating installations, which employ glass objects and video projections.

12. ChaoDependant – Dave Murray-Rust & Agelos Papadakis, Owen Green


Dave Murray-Rust is a researcher musician, exploring the use of artificial intelligence techniques to support interaction between humans and computers in an attempt to achieve a grater understanding of human behaviour. His work includes collaboration with Owen Green and glass blower Agelos Papadakis.

13. Wii/nd Chime – Artemis Papageorgiou


Artemis Papageorgiou is an architect who works in the intersection between urban landscape and interactive design. Creating spatial installations, which use the metaphors and ideas across these domains. Papagoeriou’s main interest revolves around landscape (infrastructural, hybrid, transitional), approached through experience, economy and sustainable systemic design.

14. Patachronic Clock – Tobias Revell


Tobias Revell explores concepts in literature and physics developing methods to convey these ideas through interactive art. Revell’s work is usually in a tactile or digital form and where possible these aspects are combined.

15. Tiny Moment – David Strang


As a sound artist David creates soundscapes for visual artists as well as site-specific and gallery based installations. His marriage of sound to colour and motion create tight synchronicity using synthetic and natural sounds.

16. Sonic Clock – Jamie Thompson & John Nussie


Thompson and Nussie’s study the cross over between science and art, objectivity and subjective human experience. Creating custom built installations which track the of evidence of previous human presence in spaces that may be used frequently but because of their function as connecting passages, this presence may only be for a short period of time and therefore invisible to later users.

Passing Through was curated by Gareth Goodison and Jonathan Munro. Special thanks to Adam Goodison for promotional assistance, and Alpa Depani for the design work. Click on the thumbnails below to view the exhibition floor plan and flyer:

Photo Credits: Gareth Goodison
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